“Two Days One Night”

Directed by Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne

two-days-one-night-stars-marion-cotillard-as-a-factory-worker-trying-to-keep-her-jobPositives first: 1) Cotillard is excellent. 2) The script throws us in to the second act in the first line of dialogue, which I found refreshing…
…until you realize that there is really nowhere to go for the next 75 minutes (so much for the positives). The whole film I kept thinking of “Wild”, not because of the protagonist’s internal struggle to overcome her past (which the films also share), but because a full HALF of the film is dedicated to shots long tracking shots of Cotillard walking…walking from her car to a door and then all the way back…or…taking a bus and then walking from the bus stop to another door…walking to a grocery store…walking to a restaurant…walking to a soccer field….you get the idea. My companion turned to me and proclaimed (with no little indignant angst) “That was a short! What was that?!” Take away the walking scenes and the film could’ve been 40 minutes and made for a very intriguing short, indeed. As it is now…if it weren’t for the lovely Cotillard….snoozefest.

Originally written on 2/20/2015

Trailer below:

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