“A Most Violent Year

Directed by J.C. Chandor

A-Most-Violent-Year-Movie-1024x425If you, like me, love NYC character films from bygone eras, then you will love “A Most Violent Year,” if for no other reason, then for the emotional accuracy of it’s time and place: the seedier parts of NYC’s outer burroughs. Luckily, the story, the writing and the acting match it. Chastain has never been better, Isaac reminds one of a Godfather-era Pacino, and Albert Brooks is suitably muted, yet mesmerizing. The only misstep is Oyelowo, who, while good, for some reason takes on an italian-Bronx accent. But, in general, if you want to see a small film that retains your interest, has the necessary tension needed for a thriller, has a satisfying finish, and can bring back the sights, sounds, attitudes and even smells of NYC during it’s initial rebound from the decay of the late seventies, it’s well worth the two hours. I loved it.

Originally written on 3/16

Trailer below:

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