54th Chicago Int’l Film Fest #2: “Family First” (Canada)

“Family First” (Canada) Directed by Sophie DuPuis Sophie DuPuis’ challenging feature, “Family First” (Canada’s 2018 Foreign- Language Oscar entry) is a bit of a dichotomous mixed bag. While it possesses some indelible characters, you’ll recognize the well-trodden story-line from several … Continue reading 54th Chicago Int’l Film Fest #2: “Family First” (Canada)

Two female-driven whodunnits: “Killing Eve” & “Hidden (Craith)”

The Europeans, whose procedurals and espionage-thrillers are, let’s face it, miles ahead of their Hollywood counterparts in writing, acting and mystery, have long been the leaders in their use of strong female characters – as both protagonist and antagonist. But … Continue reading Two female-driven whodunnits: “Killing Eve” & “Hidden (Craith)”