COVID-19 lesser-known watchables…

Off-the-beaten-path content to watch during the COVID-19 crisis…

So, we’re all home (or somewhere hunkered down near a TV). Fortunately, unlike those that were quarantined in the past, we have online streaming to keep us from becoming too bored. But how does one find shows to watch they may not know about. Netflix, Amazon, and especially Hulu, have navigating tools that are about as elegant as larvae. I watch a LOT of TV that isn’t on the front ten menus of those streamers…and an even bigger list of foreign films that you would never find without someone nudging you. So…I’m gonna nudge. Here ya go. Just a list…no explanation.

Oh…and wash your hands if you have to leave the safety of your living room – BEFORE you go out…and then again after you get home.


  • Babylon Berlin (Netflix)
  • Black Sails (all 4 seasons on Hulu)
  • Bron/Broen (all 4 seasons on Hulu)
  • DCI Banks (all 5 seasons on Amazon and Hulu)
  • Doc Martin (first 5 seasons on Hulu – rest on PBS/Hoopla/Kanopy)
  • Endeavour (6 seasons on AmazonPrime)
  • Fortitude (AmazonPrime – only season 1 is worth watching)
  • Foyle’s War (8 seasons on Hoopla)
  • Halt and Catch Fire (all 4 seasons on Netflix)
  • Happy Valley (Netflix)
  • Hinterland (Netflix)
  • Knowing Me Knowing You (not available on streaming services)
  • Loudermilk (DirecTV Channel)
  • MI5 aka Spooks (first five seasons on BritBox)
  • No Offence (all three seasons on Hoopla)
  • Patriot (AmazonPrime)
  • River (Netflix)
  • Shetland (first five seasons on BritBox)
  • The Split (Hulu)
  • The Terror (Hulu)
  • The Trip (ALL FOUR SEASONS ARE WORTH FINDING, but currently none are available on streaming services – you can rent the first season on Amazon)
  • This Is England ’86, ’88 & ’90 (‘86 is on AmazonPrime, but watch the film first – IFC Channel)
  • Unforgotten (AmazonPrime)

Foreign Films:

  • 1945 (AmazonPrime)
  • Ash Is Purest White (AmazonPrime)
  • Corpus Christi (not yet available to stream)
  • Elite Squad (AmazonPrime)
  • Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (Vudu with ads)
  • La Juala de Oro aka The Golden Dream (only available to rent online)
  • Land of Mine (only available to rent online)
  • Mustang (2015) (Criterion Channel or Kanopy)
  • Never Look Away (Starz)
  • Shall We Dance (1996 Japanese version – disc only)
  • The Captain (Showtime)
  • The Fencer (Kanopy)
  • The Handmaiden (AmazonPrime)
  • The Merciless (disc only)
  • The Raid films (only available to rent online)
  • Secret In Their Eyes (original 2009 Argentine film – only available to rent online)
  • Theeb (Hoopla or Kanopy)

Be safe. Wash your hands. Be smart. Wash your hands.

Good luck!

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