52nd Chicago International Film Festival Screening #16: “You’re Killing Me, Susanna” (Mexico)

“You’re Killing Me, Susanna” (Mexico)
Directed by Roberto Sneider

film_yourekillingmesusanaSo you say you’re looking for a cute RomCom featuring charming characters, incredibly steamy sex scenes, and maybe even a fish-out-water element? Well, as long as you don’t care that there are no stakes whatsoever, then this Mexican film is for you! “You’re Killing Me, Susanna” definitely succeeds on both the Rom and the Com sides of the coin. Gael Garcia Bernal’s  ‘Eligio’ is hilarious. And the up and down (and up and down) nature of his relationship to ‘Susanna’ (the ridiculously stunning Veronica Echegui) is suitably romantic.

However, there is SO much room to add another dimension to this film, being as our Mexico City-native protagonist ends up in mid-winter Iowa. But instead of playing the absurdity of the situation to ground the film’s narrative – and perhaps even make a statement – director, Roberto Sneider, merely gives it a couple passing chuckles (both of which are featured in the trailer) – leaving us to wonder why he bothered. Worse, still, is the third act, which, in no way, leads to the film’s conclusion.

All that said, if you don’t think too hard while watching it, you will enjoy it immensely. As stated, Bernal delivers his character with an ease and confidence that is a joy to watch, the sex scenes are over-the-top hot, and everyone in the movie is well cast, if just a little too pretty.

“You’re Killing Me, Susanna” is a worthy and harmless addition to a harmless genre.

Written on 11/1/2016

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