Directed by Tim Miller

mistress-death-deadpool-s-greatest-love-was-in-the-deadpool-movie-the-whole-time-845225This comedy is not for everyone…to put it mildly. But the people it IS for will really enjoy it. This film has the irreverent personality of “Trainwreck”, the action sequences of the Mission Impossible films and the violence of the “Raid: Redemption” series. Color me entertained.

The script is interesting. You’d think it’s for Marvel fanboys, but a lot of the references are aimed directly at cinephiles, and most of the humor is smartly crude…as if told by Sarah Silverman if she were inside Dave Attell’s brain. And the humor actually moves the story forward, as opposed to bogging it down (which often destroys these types of films). In other words, the jokes don’t feel forced – unless they are meant to. The script also breaks more than a few rules of the “superhero” genre…effectively making it THE anti-superhero flick…and not nearly as innocent as the previous bar-setting anti-Marvel hero film, “The Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Tim Miller keeps the film moving quickly and makes great use of explaining the backstory. And because it’s a comedy, there is no sleepy “we must do this for the betterment of humanity” morality-play second act which usually takes the sails out of most every Marvel film. The only morals in this film (other than, I suppose, “love conquers all”) are attempted via two ridiculous “X-Men” characters who wend their way in and out of the story. But even they exist only to act as softballs for the writers to lampoon.

It’s so nice to see Ryan Reynolds in a role where he’s allowed to PLAY. Listen, let’s face it, he’s kind of sucked as of late (especially in “Woman in Gold” – oy). He’s never been a great actor, but he IS charming as hell…and now we know he can be charming, funny and deliciously crude – all at the same time. Morena Baccarin is stunning, and makes for a believable love interest in which to anchor the intentions of our protagonist. T.J. Miller does T. J. Miller…better than anyone. Ed Skrein, as the bad guy, is fine, but almost everyone in this film is a “bad” guy, and, as a result, he mostly exists so Reynolds’ character can poke fun at him.

The score is pretty unremarkable, but the soundtrack is great – especially the caricature hip hop tunes, whose lyrics mimic the action on the screen.

Listen, I really enjoyed this flick. It was funny, never dull, inventive in the way it turned the genre on it’s ass, and hyperactive both in its violence and sexuality. But for all those reasons…you may want to stay away from it. And under NO circumstances should you be fooled by the Marvel moniker and accidentally take your children to see it.

VERY NSFW trailer…that means “Not Safe For Work”…or Children…or Mom.

Written on 2/20/2016


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