51st Chicago International Film Festival Screening #11: “How To Win Enemies” (Argentina)

“How To Win Enemies” (Argentina)
Directed by Gabriel Lichtmann

How-to-Win-Enemies-1This is a trifling little comedy in the same vein as “Manhattan Murder Mystery”…but, alas, this movie does not have Woody’s writing or Diane Keaton and Alan Alda’s comedic chops. The actors try hard and are certainly believable…and Martin Slipak is adorable as a schlimazel, younger brother, and amateur sleuth. But it’s simply a mildly amusing feature (with a barebones second act and a totally unsatisfying conclusion) that should have been a short.

Hey…the Film Fest has to throw a clunker at us every so often…how else would we know the others are so good? Well…because they’re good. This is not.

Written on 10/23/2015

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