51st Chicago International Film Festival Screening #7: “The Ardennes” (Belgium)

“The Ardennes” (Belgium)
Directed by Robin Pront

1432669Produced by the same group that created 2012 Best Foreign Film nominee, “Bullhead” (which I felt should have won the award), “Ardennes” is a dark and engrossing thriller revolving around two brothers – one of whom has recently been released from prison. The acting is sufficiently creepy, the photography is appropriately garish, as if the color palette was derived from an old Formica table as seen under a diminishing overhead florescent fixture. There are many indelible characters and, while a couple plot twists are predictable, the script keeps you satisfied through to the end. And if you like loud, pulsating EDM, this is your score!

This is director, Robin Pront’s first feature. Here’s hoping he continues to make more, because this film feels like his “Blood Simple”. Lets hope he can muster even half the Coen’s success and longevity.

Written on 10/22/2015

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