Emmy Nominations: The Good, The Bad, and the Ridiculous

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to the music we listen to, we crave ownership…we hate it when the band we “discovered” becomes famous. Conversely, when it comes to our television viewing, we want everyone to watch what we’re watching…and feel OUTRAGE when our favorite shows or performers are not recognized by the award structures that matter (and, of course, not that they really do – they have exactly as much weight as we give to them – but still). So it is with gigantic portions of utter subjectivity that I give you my reactions (and overreactions) to the Nominees announced this morning for the 67th Emmy Awards:

The Good:

Silicon Valley (Best Comedy Series) – I love that this incredibly well-executed comedy has so quickly solidified itself as a Best Comedy regular. Smart, funny, uncomfortable, well-acted, well-written. Now, about the lack of acting noms for the show…(see more in “The Bad”)

tatianaTatiana Maslany (Best Actress in a Drama) – The Susan Lucci watch is ovah!! I mean, pick one episode and tell me that the sheer organizational skill necessary to remember each accent, idiosyncratic behavior and type of laugh for SEVEN DIFFERENT characters isn’t worth the nomination, by itself. That she also makes us care about every one of them is why she might deserve to win…even when the show sometimes falls off the rails. Also…it’s hilarious that  she is listed on the Academy website “as Alison/ Cosima/ Helena/ Rachel and Krystal/ Sarah”

colstewoliletBest Variety Show (Letterman/Colbert/Stewart/Oliver): This will be the most interesting award of the night. Three shows will be offline and one exists because of the others. Something for everyone to be disappointed by!

Wolf Hall (numerous nominations): Just yay.

Seniors and People of Color and Sexual identification are All Over the List: Like Lily, and Key, and Titus, and Laverne and everyone on Transparent (literally and fictionally), and Taraji, and Andre, and Don, and Viola, and…you get the idea. (I know…a LOT of good Latino performances were overlooked and…well…Hollywood still hasn’t really accepted that Asian people can act – but it’s a damned good start)

The Bad:

No Best Actor Noms From ANY Major Network Show: Okay, not “bad” per se, but certainly interesting, and I feel a trend that will continue to hammer nails in to our expectations of great work from the Alphabets. In fact, there is only ONE Best Supporting Actor nom from a network show (Alan Cumming from The Good Wife).

Killing Jesus (Best Television Movie): I didn’t see it, and maybe it’s good…but f*ck O’Reilly. ‘Nuff said.

Reality Categories: So let me get this straight, instead of a Best Reality Show Category, we now have THREE categories: Reality (Competition), Reality (Structured), AND Reality (Unstructured). Since we all know they are ALL scripted, it seems very odd that we need to recognize EIGHTEEN different shows (plus Best Host who, I imagine, also follows a script). I mean…”Wahlburgers” gets a nomination but “The Americans” does not?! Ugh.

The Utterly Ridiculous:

the-americans-recapThe Omission of The Americans (Best Drama): Umm…WHAT?!?! How does this keep happening?! I’m sure Better Call Saul was great, but you could even argue Fargo was a more complete show. And “House of Cards” was pretty terrible this season, so what can possibly be the excuse?! The Americans has become one of the most consistently brilliant programs produced. Happy Tatiana was finally recognized, but no Americans means they have a ways to go.

Claire Danes over Keri Russell (Best Actress in a Drama): Umm…WHAT?!?! How does this keep happening?! (see above)

silicon-valley-cast-shotSilicon Valley overlooked in acting categories (especially Best Supporting): So let me get this straight, Silicon Valley, Transparent & Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt collude to finally end The Big Bang Theory stranglehold on this category, and the show that’s been nominated two years in a row is the ONLY ONE NOT TO GET AN ACTING NOM?! Yes, it’s an ensemble piece, but that hasn’t ever stopped Bang or Modern Family from getting (and winning) on multiple occasions. Any one of the five main characters deserve a nom, and some the win. As Kevin Kilne’s Otto in “Fish Called Wanda” would say… “DisapPOINted!!”

More than five nominees (or six…or seven…): When did this trend start? There are eight nominees for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. So…there wasn’t room FOR ANYONE FROM SILICON VALLEY to be added to the mere six nominations for Best Supporting ACTOR? It’s gonna be a LOOOONG show with this many nominations.
Predictions down the road…okay, I’m off to watch Lily Tomlin on Netflix.

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