“Jurassic World” in IMAX 3D

Directed by Colin Trevorrow

iohbopt58gyudjsh1l34It was my birthday the other day, and I had given myself the day off. So it made perfect sense to go see a huge IMAX blockbuster in the middle of the afternoon – especially as it was one of those Indian Autumn days we Chicagoans are experiencing this summer (brr!). After seeing the shit-show that is “San Andreas” the week before, I had EXTREMELY low expectations for this film  – and I kinda wanted to hate it…don’t know why…then the lights dimmed (and 20 full minutes of trailers and loud crap later), the movie began…and…I had a ball! It was a lovely combination of classic blockbuster humor, roller-coaster insanity, and incredibly realistic effects! The cast, especially Chris Pratt (doing his best young Harrison Ford impersonation), is believable enough, with the notable exception of Bryce Dallas Howard – oof – is she bad. D’Onofrio kinda phones it in, as well. But the story is compelling…enough, the 3D is actually effective and fun, and the pacing is pretty even. All in all, you could do a lot worse than spending a couple hours (plus the 20 minutes of trailers) with these characters & creatures. One thing to note, however…it wasn’t all that scary…I only jumped out of my seat twice (and I’m a big old pussy). But if you’re down for fun over fright…have at it!
On a side note…how is it that B.D. Wong NEVER AGES?!

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