“The Wrecking Crew”

Directed by Denny Tedesco

Carol_Kaye_and_Bill_PittmanMan, I wanted to love this movie. The subject is so interesting, the players are hilarious and confident in their oral history, and the music is…well…some of the greatest music ever made. How could it possibly go wrong? The director began this as a love letter to his dad (prolific guitarist Tommy Tedesco) back in the late 90’s, and finished it after a crowdfunding effort in 2008, and, alas, it FEELS like it was patched together as funding came in. The narrative is threadbare and feels kind of slapdash, especially when compared to other docs of its ilk (“Twenty Feet From Stardom,” “Finding Vivian Meier,” “Searching For Sugarman,” and, most obviously, “Standing In the Shadows of Motown”). I’m not saying you shouldn’t see it. You SHOULD see it. I mean, watching Carol Kaye describe how she came up with bass lines, hearing Tommy Tedesco talk about ANYTHING, and listening to Frank Sinatra during his Capital sessions, is easily worth the price of admission. But don’t go expecting a great film, merely a great bunch of disjointed stories from a great bunch of characters. Can you be enthralled and disappointed at the same time?

Trailer below:

Originally written on 4/3/2015

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