“Transparent” (Amazon Prime)

Created by Jill Soloway

transparent-jeffrey-tamborSo I watched all ten episodes of “Transparent” last night (awake until 5am to do so). It affected me so strongly and in so many different ways. It’s really a stunningly well-executed show. The writing is incredible and the performances are all heart-breaking. I’m fortunate enough to be friends with many of its players and creators, but I wish I knew more people from the show so I could thank each of them for tapping in to a very primal well of feelings…feelings that are inseparable from the nature of loneliness and connection and regret. And NAILING the suburban reform Jewish household. Just really can’t say enough about it. Thank you.

My favorite scene, in lieu of a trailer, below…

(addendum: What more can you say about an artistic endeavor when people seemingkly find the courage to do something that they may not have without that piece of art…in this case Kylie Jenner. Amazing. 6/25/2015)

Originally written on 1/14/2015

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