“Theory of Everything”

Directed by James Marsh

imagesThis might be one of the most romantic movies I’ve ever seen. That’s one of two things I come away with from this film. The other? Imagining what the experience of watching this film must have been like for Stephen Hawking himself. Painful…or glorious? Wonderfully written, incredibly well-acted and deftly directed, it avoids the morose heaviness one would expect from the story of a couple’s collaborative voyage in to the hell of ALS. Quite the opposite…it is very affirming…like the actual couple depicted. As for Awards…I’m not saying I’d vote for it…but if a movie of the same genre, like “A Beautiful Mind,” can garner Oscars for Best Film and Best Actor…well…you do the math, cause “Theory” is a much better film…in so many ways. Stop dilly-dallying. Go see it.

Originally reviewed on 1/6/2014

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