“The Gambler”

Directed by Rupert Wyatt

cdn.indiewire.comSo, here’s the thing, I’m a TOTAL sucker for good dialogue, especially when spoken by actors that are comfortable speaking them. For this reason alone, I recommend “The Gambler”. Wahlberg’s character often comes across as whiny and over-intellectual, but between him, John Goodman, Jessica Lange, and, ESPECIALLY, Michael Kenneth Williams, I just felt so at ease – romanced, even. Brie Larson, who I like, is nothing more than a plot point in this film. Anthony Kelley, who makes his film debut here, is a much more intriguing secondary character (a fine young actor – look for him in the future). There is a lot to dislike about this film, but when the right words are chosen…carefully…I can forgive a lot!

Originally reviewed on 12/25

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