“Wolf of Wall Street”

Directed by Martin Scorsese

margot_robbie_leo_dicaprio_wolf_of_wall_street“Wolf of Wall Street” is not crisp, the first act is interminable, there is no sense of the time period in which the action takes place (other than the songs of the film – which are amazing) and you don’t give a flying you-know-what about Leo’s character (or anyone else’s, for that matter). And somehow, geography plays almost no part in the movie. When was the last time you watched a Scorsese film and didn’t feel like you could describe what was around every corner? These scenes feel like they could happen anytime and anywhere. That does NOT mean they’re universal. It means he sacrificed atmosphere for interminable plot. It IS however, riotously funny and, as long as you pee before you enter (it is 180 minutes long), it’s really entertaining at least 50% of the time. Oh…Jonah Hill is a bonafide film-acting genius. He just gets better and better. Leo is fine…chews scenery like you wouldn’t believe but has some top-notch comic moments. Rob Reiner is so strangely (and very possibly mis)cast. And, for the second time in a week, Steve Routman graced my giant movie screen. Nice!

Trailer here!

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