“Inside Llewyn Davis”

Directed and produced by Joel & Ethan Coen

spanning the gamut from funny to creepllewyn-davisy, is spot on and the music is insanely good (Oscar Isaac is brilliant). It’s more like “A Serious Man”…the movie is more a feeling than plot, but, as usual for the Coen’s, I can’t seem to shake the melancholia the movie instilled in me as I watched…even days later. Personally, the movie hit home most when we were introduced to the various Upper West Side Jewish intellectuals (and pseudo…). The furniture, the look, the feel…it literally took me right home to my folks house when I was very, very young. You should see it. I’m not sure but I think, as we look back on it years from now, it will be an important film, so you might as well see it now.

Trailer here.

Originally reviewed on 12/26/2013

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